William Morris Fabric Feel Rubber Boots Strawberry Thief Briers


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The original boot design will allow a woman to look elegant and attractive not only in her garden, but also in nature or in the city. The top of the boots is made of velvet rubber, imitating the fabric and decorated with a bright “English” ornament.

The fur boar is durable and has a thick heel, which helps to absorb better – the legs are less tired and dry.

Boots are made of high quality rubber, part of the production process is handmade.

Product Features:

High quality natural rubber boots
Full length / “road height” design
Comfortable and stylish
Removable padded pad
Decorative side buckle
Thick Sawn Soles
Soft cotton lining
Height 33 cm
Max. inner circumference 40cm
Size: 4,8 THE LAST

Weight 1.1 kg

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