Luxury city greenhouse Laura Tulpe English Red




Made in Latvia!

Greenhouse Laura Tulpe English Red is suitable for the urban environment and the suburbs. Perfectly complement your backyard garden while not damaging the surrounding landscape. Grow your beloved plants and take time for your garden hobbies.

Greenhouse dimensions: 2056 mm (A) x 3232 mm (B) x 2428 mm (H without decor). The total greenhouse area is 6.645 m2.

Special wood protection system: wooden 3-layer protection system prevents wood deterioration. Warranty 10 years. We recommend repainting wooden elements after 15 years, or as soon as noticeable separation of the top layer of paint, repainting is essential for maintaining longevity!

Includes: 6 x wood-paneled panels, 2 x roof windows with automatic openers, 1 x doors with fitted fittings (handle, lock, hinges), decor set Tulip, mounting instructions and mounting screws, paint and brush (for painting wooden elements) .

Package is a compact wooden box.

The greenhouse assembly time is 1-2 hours.

Delivery time-up to 9 weeks.

Additional options: Shelves and rainwater systems.

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