Dimensions: Length: 4400 mm, width: 2195 mm, height: 2200 m

Weight: 650 kg

Volume: 8360l

Waterproofing: 100%

Material: composite material

Warranty: for the carcass – 10 years


  • Insulated door
  • Moisture-resistant veneer shelves
  • Exhaust ventilation
  • Supply ventilation
  • Built-in battery-powered LED lighting

When you are planning to build a cellar, the level of ground waters is of great importance. If it is high, it is almost impossible to build a dry cellar. If the level of ground waters is much higher than the planned floor level of the cellar, it would be wise to refuse from a traditional cellar and to choose the ECO cellar instead. It is made of moisture-resistant materials, and a high level of ground waters is not an obstacle for installation of the ECO cellar. We can install our ECO cellar in any place on your land.

The ECO cellar is easy to install – it is installed within a day. It is partially buried in soil to the depth of 1.8 metres and covered with about 1.4 m thick soil layer. The soil layer acts as an insulation barrier between variable temperature of the external environment and almost constant ground temperature, ensuring that the cellar does not overheat in summer and does not freeze through in winter

Delivery and installation

We provide cellar transportation and installation (digging).

Cellar installation and delivery costs start from 900 EUR (excluding VAT). Before ordering cellar, our employee will come to you and give you a free consultation on the cellar installation options on your plot property. Our employee will help you choose the best place where to dig the cellar and will determine the type of cellar digging – with or without groundwater lowering.

To prevent groundwater from pushing the cellar out off the ground, it is attached to reinforced concrete blocks with stainless steel chains during installation.

As the cellar is dug into by using a mini excavator or tractor equipment, please assess whether it is possible to enter your property with the heavy machinery



6745 EUR + PVN