Burgon & Ball FSC Groundmaster 8-in-1 Garden Tool

ID: Burgon&Ball
29.90 26.91


29.90 26.91

This Burgon & Ball FSC Groundmaster 8-in-1 Garden Tool is a fantastically versatile tool that can help you in all manner of tasks around the garden.

Made from high quality carbon steel with an FSC wood handle, this is the ultimate robust performer around the garden, with the FSC certification giving you peace of mind that the wood has been sourced from managed forests.

  • Breaks ground.
  • Cultivates.
  • Digs.
  • Chops.
  • Rakes.
  • Spreads.
  • Makes furrows.
  • Tamps.

This great Burgon & Ball Groundmaster 8-in-1 Garden Tool is the ultimate multi-tasking garden tool that harnesses the power of gravity to make for easier digging and cultivating.

Length: 147cm