Esschert Design specializes in the development of collections related to gardening and nature. Esschert Design has developed a cutting-edge industry concept for, for example, wild birds and animals, outdoor fireplaces, gardening and gardening. All Esschert Design products are designed and developed by the European Designer House.

Esschert Design offers only functioning gardening collections, their concepts often show the attractiveness of gifts, which is also amazing, innovative or decorative. This means that collections are successfully sold by retailers specializing in horticulture, such as DIY and garden centers, as well as retailers that offer seasonal themes such as gifts, furniture, household goods in their departments or bookstores.

Esschert Design products are found all over the world and are sold in over 65 countries.

GardenGirl is a world-famous Swedish brand offering stylish, comfortable, practical and functional women’s clothing for gardening, leisure and rural life. It is especially suitable for households, gardeners, landscape designers and florists.

GardenGirl will give you a new visual look with your own clothing and footwear collection to work in the garden or go outdoors.

Since 2009, GardenGirl has been offering designer overalls and trousers, jackets and raincoats, apron and hats that women have chosen and used around the world.

Briers is based in the UK and is currently one of the leaders in gardening products in Europe.

Briers products are made and stocked in English style with classic flower motifs and special careful attention to every detail.

Briers wide range of products includes a variety of horticultural goods design collections, assortment of different gloves, stylish and comfortable rubber shoes, umbrellas, bags, design products, various accessories and tools when used, the work in the garden will make you more comfortable and pleasant.

Burgon & Ball is a UK-based company whose history begins with the steel processing in Sheffield in the late 1730s. The legacy of Burgon & Ball is its long experience, which is still very important to them, as it makes the tools it produces one of the best in the market you can buy.

Burgon & Ball is one of the world’s leading garden tools and tools, design and functional accessories, innovative design solutions and manufacturer of new products in horticulture and landscape design.

Burgon & Ball products are of high quality with special heat treatment, ergonomics, unparalleled design, thanks to working with them in the garden, the work becomes a real joy.

Burgon & Ball garden tools will remain your long-standing faithful helpers for many years due to their hidden qualities, which over time remain unaffected, can only be felt and recognized only during working hours.


The Kent & Stowe tools are based on design and garden design drawings from 1800. This range combines the traditional look with the benefits of modern production, constructed using current and advanced methods to improve both strength and quality. The tools are based on the best British traditions designed for life.

Kent & Stowe promotes horticulture regardless of your ability or garden size – we can help! In our products you will find unique advantages ranging from our product range, which includes products with larger edges and high strength rod elements to provide durability in our range of excavation tools.

Although our range of cutting products not only covers all types of pruning and cutting tasks, but cares about everything from “cut and hold” to roses to rotary cuts to reduce repetitive loads as well as with left-handed cuttings.


Haws Watering Cans produces the best quality watering cans and garden and home accessories. We believe in handmade British quality goods.

The company was founded in 1886 and was based in Clepton, North East London, and its founder was John Haws.

John Haws first developed his advanced design and production method based on a French-made waterpot sample (or cans, as it is now called), and created a lean-pot with a perfect balance. Regardless of whether the crater was full, half empty or empty, the can was used without excessive load. To this day, the original design has not been substantially changed.

John Haws soon developed and patented his own lean bank. It was a ladder with tank bodies and breasts to prevent water spill molding. It had two handles, one for carrying, and one for watering. Leading gardeners soon recognized it, and in 1894, watering can received the National Chrysanthemum Society Gold Medal Award for improved drinking ability. This new invention consisted of a watering can, which was much easier to carry and use, and at the same time was much cleaner and more suitable for use than any other product that was previously released to the public.

Lene Bjerre owns a history that combines quality handicrafts with beautiful designs, trends and traditions. By exposing the mood of nature to people’s lives and places, it helps to live in the most pleasant harmony. The rooms reflect the personality and allow the personalities to be the basis for engaging in dynamic conversations, a lovely dinner, and a daily routine that is life.

Some would say that Lene Bjerre combines the current trends with the classic Scandinavian sense. We say that we do it for people: special, creative and talented people in society and people who want to live in beautiful rooms.

Okatsune’s especially sharp blades are unique and made of the best Izumo Yasugi steel, which is traditionally used for samurai Katan’s sword. Izumo Yasugi Steel is made of charcoal and iron sands by the best Japanese masters of jailers using the method of paradise. This process takes place only in the Izumo region, using exclusively Izumo iron sands. Tsuneichi Okano has succeeded in starting to manufacture industrially excellent scissors with a very high Rockwell hardness from 60.0 to 61.0 – other brands unrivaled using an innovative hardening process. Therefore, the blades for a long time remain sharp and smoothly provide a clean and precise cut of the wood without much effort. In addition, Okackune combines hardness with a special flexibility, so the cutting blade is always level with the sharpness even after intensive use. This perfection and unique quality can be recognized by the shearing of “singing”.

Silky has accumulated nearly 100 years of experience in the production of hand saw, always with the greatest confidence and latest techniques. Specialty alloys, knowledge of metal processing and the technical aspects of various types of dental arrangements provide unique quality.

Silky saw blades are made of “Authentic Premium Japanese Steel” and cut out with a laser. Blades have unmatched quality: they are very solid and long, but at the same time remain flexible thanks to the soft metal of the metal. High carbon content produces high abrasion resistance, so the sharpness does not disappear for a very long time.

In addition, several models, such as Sugoi, Hayate and Tsurugi, are made of high quality alloy steel, which makes the saw blade stronger and more resistant to corrosion and is better adapted to temperature changes. All saw blades are replaceable and the replacement itself is simple.

Cerise offers modern and functional garden and design items, garden furniture, greenhouses, lighting, children’s goods, garden and leisure clothes, gloves and knee guards, hand tools, professional tools for planters, farmers, gardeners, foresters and arborists, household goods and gifts. from the world’s leading manufacturers.